Delivery Information


Delivery Information for Riana Mouton's products

There are 3 methods to obtain Riana's CDs, DVD or songs.

  1. Pay and download directly from the Internet
    For the convenience of our visitors, the pay and download of some of the products are made available in this online music shop. Downloadable products are clearly marked in the title of the product.
  2. Usual mail
    Physical items such as CDs and DVDs are also send with usual mail. The shipping and handling fees for people within the borders of South Africa are currently R45.00 per parcel and a tracking number will be supplied. Contact Riana if you perhaps have any other questions about the basic mail.
  3. Courier Services
    Products are also send via courier service (UTI Services). Shipping and handling fees are currently R70.00 per parcel for residents within the South African borders.
    Contact Riana if you have any other questions about courier shipping.

Please note, downloadable products are the most convenient method for people abroad, but never the less, physical products such as CDs and DVDs are also send to places outside South Africa upon request. Contact Riana by using the Request Form, supply the full shipping address where the products need to be sent, as well as the order. When your email is received, information about the shipping and handling fees to the address of your choice will be sent.                                                                                       

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